System Map. Editorial.
augsburg edition, 2020
On 2019, i was in an Erasmus+ exchange in Germany, Augsburg, specifically in the University of Applied Sciences. Within one of my subjects, i developed a project around the concept of lines and its diversity. At the beginning  the class was more oriented towards a creative mindset and all of the different approaches to the same subject (the lines). We were doing that via different workshops, talking sessions, experiments, etc. 
With all the freedom to choose any type of subject to deal with in the project, the objective of this subject was to learn the different ways that you can use lines.
Later on, when focusing on the real project, i developed a transport map series based on personal preferences of my group of friends that i made in that time so that they could tell me the places they love about the city, the places they visit all the time, all of these places that are "local". With all this information, i wanted to build a series of maps focused for new people in the city that would like to discover the city in a different way.

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